WAVES 2018



WAVES 2018


The Department of ocean engineering of IIT Madras conducted RC boat racing competition and an ROV building workshop as a part of their tech fest ‘WAVEZ 2018’. A total of 6 students from the first year batch of the Department of Ship Technology of CUSAT, under the guidance of Mr.Gautham (Asst. Professor), attended the fest. The team members were Sanjay M.V, Sidharth Nair, Sarang S Gireesh, Prayag Raviprakash, Kiran A and Gokul S;  with the first three participating for the RC Boat competition and all six for the ROV workshop.


The RC boat event was held on 17/03/2018, Saturday, with the arena being the ocean department’s own shallow wave basin. The race was organized into 3 rounds- testing the speed, maneuverability and stability of the boats. RC Boats designed and constructed by the teams themselves were to be used. It was seen that each team had their own unique approach. Wide varieties of hull types, control systems and power systems were seen at the venue. We used a flat bottom hull featuring an Arduino based RF control system using the ‘nrf24l01’, which was made from scratch. Our model hull received a special comment from the Jury that the most stable hull in the competition. The dimensions of our boat adhered to the prerequisite specifications.


Each round was timed and points were deduced for deviating from the course and timeouts given for remodeling. The first round was around a circular course. Speed of the RC boats were tested here. The second course was triangular with obstacles and sharp turns so that maneuverability of the boats could be compared. The last round was a zigzag obstacle course with penalties and bonuses thrown in, testing the capabilities of the craft and strategic discipline of the teams. Our team won second place in the RC boat competition.


Following the RC boat competition a Workshop in building an  ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vessel) was conducted On 18/03/2018.In which teams had to build a submersible vessel that could be remotely controlled and equipped with pressure and depth sensors which could send data back to the operator in real-time. The workshop was supervised by the experts from IIT madras.  The workshop was able to provide a good environment for the engineering students in general, as it emphasized on teamwork and resourcefulness. The teams got to keep their ROVs and a certificate for participation. ‘WAVEZ’ proved to be one of the best tech fests that students, especially naval architecture and marine aspirants , can look forward to as a learning experience.

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