1. A team of 8 students from Department Of Ship Technology, CUSAT, under the guidance of Cdr. P Jayansanker participated in Sinkronizer, an aquatic robotics warfare event which was held in AMET University, Chennai and won the first prize. The team was lead by Mr. Richard Johnson. The model was of dimension of 720x500x450 mm and weighed about 11Kg. the weapon used was a saw of 105mm diameter.


  1. The model making lab sponsored by Cochin Shipyard Ltd played a key role in the fulfillment of this project. The most modern equipment and assistance from the lab facility boosted the efficiency and fighting capacity of the model.


  1. The event started on the morning of 24th March 2018. 6 teams from different universities participated in the event. The final round was between Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT and AMET University. AMET came with a Trimaran which had wooden hull with metal plating on it. A clear dominance was shown by the team from CUSAT from the starting of the final round. Within 10 minutes, CUSAT team was able to suppress the opponent.




1.Richard Johnson

2.Joel Thomas

3.Darshan Suresh

4.Nibaz Aboobacker

5.Vaishnav K Raj

6.Adithyan A.K

7.Rishikesh U

8.Bhanu Sahu


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